Electronic Proximity Card

Secure cashless settlements

Innovative, safe, and fast form of settlement for companies.
EKZ card is a quick and convenient settlement of taxi fares for your business
EKZ cards will be delivery for free of charge to the company.
Cards can be freely programmed in accordance with the needs of the company:
– Without any restrictions
– With time limit for the validity of the card
– With Monthly quota limit on the card or company
– A one-off quota limit on the card

At any time you can request the card to be locked or unlocked
A passenger does not wait for a print receipt or a voucher; one simply taps the card into the reader and enter the quota

The transaction fee for a taxi ride is automatically saved on the MERC-TAXI server, and the rides’ history is available for companies in a variety of forms:
– By email
– Through the website www.6777777.pl

At the end of the month you will receive only the invoice and statement of amount of rides in a form of an Excel file.

Paper vouchers

Depending on the needs of the company MERC TAXI can provide blocks of vouchers free of charge.

A block contains 50 sets of vouchers (the original and 2 copies) consecutively numbered.

The employee, after the provided service, hands a stamped voucher to the driver, the driver enters the amount of the fee and the passenger accepts by his or her signature.

The passenger keeps the original and the two copies are forwarded to the office of MERC TAXI.

Based on the copies of the vouchers at the end of the month you will receive only two documents: a list of the rides in an Excel file and FV.

You can use both forms of settlement simultaneously.

At the end of the month you receive a PDF invoice and statement of rides as an Excel file.

All companies interested in enter into a cashless cooperation with MERC TAXI, please send your request to the address biuro@merctaxi.pl